A Duck on a Pond

“You’re like a duck on a pond; on the surface all is calm, but underneath those little feet are going a mile a minute.”

I’m paraphrasing one of my favourite Keanu movies, but it’s definitely how I feel right now. I may seem calm, but inside my head things are bouncing around like a rubber ball thrown in zero-g. Getting this website up was one of my last goals I wanted to tackle before submitting my manuscript to publishers, and now I’m getting ready to do just that.

It’s safe to say I’m nervous, despite the confidence I have in my work. People don’t always see what you’ve laid out for them, you know? I can say this book will be published though, even if I have to publish it myself to get my name out there.

Speaking of things I’m nervous about, writing a blog is a bit of a new thing for me as well – so you might see me bumble around for a bit to find things I want to talk about, but I’m sure it’ll come more naturally as I go. I’ve taken up a lot of roles over the years, and I’m sure I can take up this one too.

Digressing from my feelings and inner workings, I’d like to let you know that most of the look of this site seems like it will suit for the near future – but one thing will definitely be changing. See that moon up there at the top of the page? It’s an old picture from my DSLR, chosen for use only because I don’t have anything I own the rights to that also pertains to my work. That’s as close to relevant as I could get; a not-so-close image of something non-fiction in space. Thankfully, it’s only temporary.

I’m currently in talks with an artist to get something done that will replace that far away moon, and if it works out as I hope it’ll be a rather interesting (but not spoiler-y) scene from my upcoming book. When things are locked down, I’ll be able to say more – but for now, I’ll just say I’m excited.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say at the moment, but I’ll try and make my next post a little more upbeat and interesting. We’ll see what I can come up with.