Sometimes, Things Just Work Out

Note: Though I talk about The Expanse here, no spoilers are to be had. I’ll always do my best not to spoil anything for my readers, and in that vein I’m already looking for a spoiler toggle plug-in for when I have to mention something sensitive.

Re-watching the latest episode of amazing sci-fi series The Expanse (S3-E11), I realized something; my yet to be released book actually had a built-in solution for a problem I hadn’t even considered. In hindsight I realized it was something I’d never really seen or heard dealt with as realistic, but even so I was pleasantly surprised to learn I’d already fixed the issue without even considering it in the first place. Sometimes, things just work out.

This does bring me to question the general plausibility of everything else I’ve written to be “technically accurate” though, and while I’m fairly sure I covered all the known-knowns and known-unknowns, the unknown-unknowns are what has the hair on the back of my neck standing up. Hopefully I’ve covered all my bases, but without having a team of scientists on every single topic and complete and cohesive knowledge of the entire universe (hey Standard Model, explain gravity!) no one can really be sure…

On a completely different topic, thank you all for exploring the new site and reading what I’ve posted so far. Traffic has been pretty decent for the early days of an author’s blog (judging against my only known real-world view counts of video game news sites), and I’m excited to have you all along for this ride. You give me hope for the future with every click.

Now I know I was hinting at a more exciting post yesterday, but this is what I could muster for today as I’ve been a tad busy. Be sure to check back tomorrow though, as I’m working on something I think should work on a few different levels. 😉