The Mind is a Strange Thing

It’s probably no surprise to anyone who pays attention to my work that I’m organized to the point where you could certainly call it obsessive. Things are often just so, and I can’t help myself but to make them that way. I crave something perfect in an imperfect world, and that tends to drive me.

In regards to my obsessive organization, I’ve even got a system by which I write. I like to be isolated from others, I very much prefer it to be night, it should be cool in the room, and there should be coffee. If I can find something I can stand at the moment, music is also a big help. If it’s something I know really well or something not in English that’s even better, since I’m then able to get my thoughts down on paper much easier. Of course, not all of that is easy to come by all of the time so there are compromises. I’m not a robot, contrary to popular belief. 😛

Oddly however, I don’t have a system by which I like to (or could even use to) dream up what I write. Unlike the other aspects of my writing, the ideas and their growth is a sporadic, often unpredictable, and almost completely un-tamable thing. I get ideas, see problems in my writing, concoct solutions, and craft worlds while I’m doing completely unrelated things. Some people like to immerse themselves in their genre or theme in order to create, but I tend to do better when I’m not really concentrating on it.

The mind is a strange thing.