La Démangeaison du Langage

Every once in a while I get the language itch. There’s something about languages that has always caught me, and I’ve been picking up words and phrases from many languages all my life. There are dashes of Spanish, some Latin, a splash of Russian, Polish, and Ukranian, a pinch of Mandarin, a fair bit of Japanese, a ton of French, and – of course – English. Some of these are derived or related – which helps, but mostly it’s just been this multicultural world teaching me the little bits. Only my handle on English was ingrained, and French came about through school (and then later through my own learning). Japanese is the only other language I’ve actively attempted to learn, and though I’m proud of my progress it’s certainly nothing to write home about yet.

My problem in general is that I don’t get much chance to exercise these abilities. Apart from some French in the vast array of media I watch, and a fair bit more Japanese than that in all the anime I watch, there’s only really ever opportunity to use my English skills. They’re fun enough to poke at the edges of if I’ve got someone intelligent to talk to, but in my real life that’s few and far between lately. I’m stranded in a vast and unforgiving wasteland of morons.

One of these days, I would love to find someone whose native language is Japanese, French, or even Spanish – and simply converse with them daily in both of our learned tongues. Language is important, and if I can I’d like to put a fair few under my belt before I’m too old to learn.

La démangeaison de la langue ne disparaît jamais vraiment.