When I set my mind on something – like really set my mind on it as a goal, it tends to happen. It’s why I’ve finished writing a book where many others have tried and quit. It’s why I’ve written thousands of news posts. It’s why there are dozens and dozens of reviews with my name on them. It’s why there’s a rather smutty piece of fan fiction I won’t be coerced to link you to with tens of thousands of reads. Hell, it’s even why this website is here.

Unfortunately, it’s also why I’ve put two hundred hours into Fortnite, maxed out my battle pass, and am now throwing in a ton of hours at the end of the season to try and get to level eighty. I want to take the game to the limit and earn everything; mostly becauseĀ I’m a dumbass sometimes.

On the other hand, a little reprieve from life stuff is warranted now and then… and I rarely take them. Two hundred hours of a game is a small price to pay in order to satisfy my brain’s quirky needs and get my work face back, and I’ve promised myself that whatever the outcome of the end of the gaming season, once I’ve completed the first of the next season’s challenges tomorrow morning I’ll be starting in on my next book. I’ve got an idea that’s been scratching at the mental door I like to throw up at the back of my mind, and I think it’s time to give it a little air to breathe.

With one obsession set to be quelled for now, it’s time to make room for another.