No Cigar

There have been a lot of “close, but no cigar” type moments for me lately, and I’m more than a little tired of them. Some of the most notable have been coming up a bit shy on the money for my image commission (I admit – I’ve been ignorant of pricing for artist), only getting to level 78 in Fortnite before the turnover (what a bunch of wasted time there at the end), and now almost buying a cheap eReader for work purposes and then getting it sold out from under me. I’m not generally someone bothered by the ebb and flow of life situations, but it seems as if my plans have been thwarted a few times too many in the last few days. It’s getting hard to keep the wheels turning when they keep slipping on the rims and wasting gas.

On a somewhat lighter note (depending on how you look at it), I put some more time in with The Art of War today. Unlike how I normally chew through books, I’m purposefully slowing down to absorb all the nuances of the philosophy – and it’s quite an enjoyable read because of that. Whoever Samuel B. Griffith is, he’s done a great job making the book accessible and cohesive for those looking to read in English. Definitely recommended to anyone trying to write intelligent interactions between strategic minds, and simply anyone looking to win any sort of battle – be it physical or mental.

I’m also looking for my next fiction read, but being as I’m picky and didn’t get that eReader for cheap I’m a bit screwed in the short term. My local bookstore has very few books, and the ones I want I’ve already got. Sure, I could order books; but that neither solves the problem of right now nor conforms to the “cheap” price tag I’m looking for at the moment. Bummer.

Well, back to poking at this new book and trying to tie up this short story somehow.

Maybe some Fortnite, too. 😛