A Digital Leap

I have always been the kind of person that prefers the feel of a book in their hand to a tablet or eReader performing the same task with an eBook. The feel of the book, the amount of words on the page, the smell of the pages; these are the things that I remember enjoying from my childhood. These are the signs I’m reading a book.

But not all books are easily available… eBooks, on the other hand, are pretty easy to get a hold of. Therein lies the rub.

Over the past…five or six years I’d say, I’ve been searching for a physical copy of Alan Glynn’s The Dark Fields. It’s the book that inspired the movie (and TV show) Limitless, and it’s supposed to be really, really good. The problem with that is that I don’t use Amazon (it doesn’t load properly for me for some reason – likely my ISP), and I wasn’t looking for a second hand copy; as someone who harbors some OCD tendencies, I like my books to be new and crisp.

…so this one eluded me.

Fast forward to two days ago, and I picked up a brand new Kobo Touch eReader for a cheap as hell price. Setting up, I got an email saying $5 off my first purchase over $5. I thought; “Cool, I’ll be able to grab a book right away,” and went looking. It turned out, there were a few freebies I wanted too – so I grabbed those, and then did a search.

No “The Dark Fields,” but they did have the re-brand “Limitless.” I hopped on it, but the $5 discount didn’t show. I tried entering through the email, a different email which claimed the same thing, etc. Nothing; still not taking off the $5.

So, I gave up, and tweeted my frustration to the ethos. I only had $3 in my account at the moment, and that would only get me the book if I had the discount. I wasn’t getting it ’til I hit the bank.

Or was I?

This morning, the @Kobo account on Twitter tossed me a message to contact their help account (@KoboHelp), and I did. They sorted me within 90 minutes via direct message, stating that it was indeed my free purchases that negated the $5 but they could fix that for me. They were a great help.

Now, I’ve got a good read I couldn’t get anywhere else sitting in front of me. I’m ready to dig in, and I think I shall.

But before I go, here’s a little question for you; what are you reading lately?