Corrupt Memory

When I was younger, just like now, I consumed books. I read and read, churning my way through words like they were the air I needed to breathe. It’s natural then, that sometimes I didn’t remember reading the book so much as I remembered the contents of the book. I thought it was so for Treasure Island, but it was not.

Grabbing it again for free from Kobo to reacquaint myself, I realized last night that my knowledge of the book must have come from other sources… and I’d not read it before. So I got to fixing that, right quick. Now, here I sit on the other end of its pages; wishing there was much more to the tale.

With the brilliant Black Sails prequel ended and seared into my brain, and now the entirety of Treasure Island passed through my eyes, I long for some more pirate fare. It’s too bad Assassin’s Creed left the pirate theme in the dust after Blag Flag, as I’ve played too much of that to enjoy another romp through the sand. It’s also too bad that Sea of Thieves is an X-Box exclusive, as I’d like to give it a go but don’t need another box I don’t play (alongside my sedentary PS4, Vita, and PSTV).

Instead, though – I plan to visit another classic in a new form (for me). I’ve just grabbed Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park from the Kobo store, and am loading it onto my eReader right after I finish this post.

Reading; how I love thee.