Book Lovers Day

So according to Twitter, it’s apparently Book Lovers Day. I’ve never heard of that before, but then again I don’t pay much attention to all those holidays made up for every day of the year. I’ve got enough to remember without hundreds more mostly useless holidays crammed in there…

But still, it’s Book Lovers Day – and as someone who loves books I was considering what I was going to do. Should I try and start one of the titles I’ve picked up on recommendation, or should I do something more personal? After a little internal debate I opted for the latter, and will be sitting down to read my own book (Codename: OWOW) as soon as I finish this post. Written by me or not, it’s given me goosebumps all the way up to my last read-through… and I want to see if it still has that power or not. 😛

Seeing as how you can’t read my book yet, what will you be reading? Let me know!