The Writer in Me…

…he’s a cynical bastard. He often views story lines with an almost detective-like attention to detail that reveals even the tiniest of flaws. Continuity problem? He’ll see it. Deus ex machina? He’ll spot it. Factual error? Going to catch that too. Unrealistic physics? That’s his bag, baby. The worst part is that the writer in me often breaks my immersion, and isn’t usually on purpose. The writer in me simply analyzes everything, and feeds me the “bugs” they’ve introduced with a bit of salt to suck on. Mmm, tasty. (Not.)

Thankfully however, having the Writer in me means that I’m not likely to make those kinds of mistakes in my writing. My first book (codename: OWOW) has certainly been written without loopholes of the sort, and I think that could be said for my other writing as well. Since I can easily see the holes, it seems I’m quite adept at filling them adequately – or skipping them completely. An important skill, in my opinion.

Another important skill I’ve got which currently relates is my stubbornness. I’ve been a bit stubborn with my next read (The Dreaming Void) as I couldn’t initially get into it but wanted to keep reading about the universe Hamilton created for The Commonwealth Saga. After about a tenth of the book I was unconvinced it’d be for me, but I kept at it – and last night crossed close to a third of the way through, and decided I did like it after all. He really throws it all at you, but it becomes clearer the more you read. Pandora’s Star must’ve been that way too, but for some reason I couldn’t put it down. Maybe it just had a better hook (the first dream was a bit lacklustre).

In other news, I haven’t been up to too much exciting as the heat has been getting to me. Temperatures of 35*C (95*F) or higher tend to make me a lethargic lump of useless garbage, so I’ve just been catching up on the usual; anime, television shows, movies, and gaming. I’m all caught up on anime and television, so it’s good that tomorrow the heat will break for a few days. I’d love to get some pages in.

That writer in me might be a cynical bastard, but he needs a little attention too. 😛