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    Currently of Note

    Notes are important. Unlike some, I actually write my notes out by hand when I’m working on a story; so mine are a bit harder to organize than those who use some sort of computer program. Thankfully, I took the time last night, so now I’ve got a hell of a reference guide to look upon. It feels so good. 🙂

    In other news, I’m making more progress in my books; both the one I’m writing and the one I’m reading. I’ve added a few thousand more words since my last post, and have read a few hundred more pages of Salvation. While I’m happy with my writing, Salvation could be better at this point – but I trust that Mr. Hamilton is taking me somewhere awesome. He usually does, even if there’s a bit of a journey first.

    Organized once more, and whittling down my to-read list, I head into the weekend with high hopes for more progress. I’m going to crush the rest of Salvation, toss down some more words for my new book, and maybe even spend a little time catching up on the last of my to-do list elsewhere. Onward I go.

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    I’ve been busy…

    The past month has been pretty crazy, mostly due to the results of that cooling down I was talking about at the end of August (I hate the heat). I’ve spent quite a high percentage of the last few weeks trying to complete things that have been piling up in my procrastination backlog this year, and I’ve tossed down quite a few (solid) words into a first draft and a plan for my second novel. That isn’t to say that I didn’t carve out some spare time, but I mostly spent that crushing some of my reading backlog. September has been a month of clearing things off my plate.

    Now, with my list of to-dos (both important and reading related) nearly completed, and my new novel now properly and securely underway, I’m starting to feel like I did back in February; when I started churning out pages like crazy. The perfect storm is brewing, and I can already feel the wind driving me along.

    The other good thing about clearing my plate is that I’ll have more time for other things; namely this. Expect blog posts regularly once more, and maybe even some more short stories when the inspiration hits. I was quite enjoying making these posts up before this little break, and really hope to be more regular with them. It might help if you guys start chipping in some comments, too – but I’ll keep going even if you don’t. 😉

    Digressing from that topic, I’ve also got a plan to update my sidebar with recently read and currently in reading titles, but for now I’ll simply run ’em down. I’ve been reading a lot more from Peter F. Hamilton, including finishing the Void trilogy, reading through both the first book of the Chronicle of the Fallers duology, and most of the new premiere title in the Salvation trilogy. I also started Misspent Youth, but couldn’t get interested in it immediately and got sidetracked. I’ll probably be picking that back up after I complete Salvation.

    All of Hamilton’s books I’ve finished so far have been good though, and I’m sort of trying to chug through them all. I even grabbed a copy of The Nano Flower from a secondhand bookstore the other day, though I’ll be picking up and consuming the earlier title(s?) in that series before I read it. I do not read books out of order 😛 . While I was there, I also grabbed copies of Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars; Kim Stanley Robinson being another sci-fi author I’ve been recommended lately. Haven’t started the series yet, but definitely plan to!

    It’s back to work for me now, though. Lots to do on this new novel, and still a few stragglers with regards to other things I need to clean up aside from writing and reading.

    The storm approaches.