Currently of Note

Notes are important. Unlike some, I actually write my notes out by hand when I’m working on a story; so mine are a bit harder to organize than those who use some sort of computer program. Thankfully, I took the time last night, so now I’ve got a hell of a reference guide to look upon. It feels so good. 🙂

In other news, I’m making more progress in my books; both the one I’m writing and the one I’m reading. I’ve added a few thousand more words since my last post, and have read a few hundred more pages of Salvation. While I’m happy with my writing, Salvation could be better at this point – but I trust that Mr. Hamilton is taking me somewhere awesome. He usually does, even if there’s a bit of a journey first.

Organized once more, and whittling down my to-read list, I head into the weekend with high hopes for more progress. I’m going to crush the rest of Salvation, toss down some more words for my new book, and maybe even spend a little time catching up on the last of my to-do list elsewhere. Onward I go.