Miles to go before I sleep.

So after finishing Salvation by Peter F. Hamilton, I’ve come to realize that he really does have something up his sleeve every time. Though not as immediately engaging as some of my favourite titles from him, the ending was spectacular, and I’m definitely hyped for this new series and its two coming titles because of it. While I felt like I was hooked on his stuff when I read the Commonwealth Saga, the feeling is even stronger now since I know he’s consistent across “universes.” I feel I can confidently look forward to anything he writes at this point, which is good because I don’t follow many authors across series’. It’s nice to have someone to fall back on, haha.

Speaking of authors and writing, my latest is coming along nicely now that I’ve sorted my notes. I’m a few thousand more words into it since I’ve last posted, and am feeling really good about where this second novel is going. Over the last while it has developed from a bunch of loose goals into something a lot more solid, and I’m excited to feel it out the rest of the way.

No news yet on a publisher, but I just recently sent out another round of queries so hopefully I’ll hear back somewhat soon. Having this sorted before the end of the year was the goal, but you can’t dictate someone else’s timetable and people have to both read and enjoy what I’ve written to pick me up – so I understand the wait. Still sucks, though!

So for now, it’s back to writing and maybe some reading; I’ve just grabbed the second title in Hamilton’s Chronicles of the Fallers series, and I’ve still got Misspent Youth to chew through. Lots to do, and not enough time in a day!