Persuasive Ideas & Seductive Universes

My concentration on what I should be doing this weekend was completely nil. Instead, and much to my equal hate and love, I’ve gotten an idea for something new. Something that – so far – seems to be fucking amazing. Something that doesn’t at all fit with my second book, the universe my first book built, or anything else. So, it seems, I’ve started writing a third book.

Yes, I know; a third book? Am I nuts? While I can’t say that I’m not at least a little nuts (total sanity is boring), I can genuinely say that my nuttiness is still governed by a productive force. It took me years to get an idea I felt I could write a whole book about; and now that I’ve sorted that first brain itch and rode it right into two more, I can’t help but to give them room to play out. I owe them that for being so persistent when others were not. My first book was certainly not my first attempt at a book, so I can appreciate the drive they give me in comparison to the foolhardy ideas I used to foster. There were some horrible ones, I kid you not.

Digressing from my current writing habits, I need to express some feelings about my recent reading habits. I’ve officially finished the entirety of the books having to do with Hamilton’s Commonwealth universe, and I don’t know what to do with myself with regards to my next read. I almost don’t want to start something new due to how great and expansive it was, and how hard it is to find something that hooks me so deep. Not since first reading through James S.A. Corey’s in-progress The Expanse series have I enjoyed a set of books so much, and unlike that series/universe this one seems to be tapped. I’m a little sad, and definitely disappointed that I’m out of reading material on this wonderful place. The ride was so good that I didn’t want it to end.

So yeah; I’m in a weird but productive (on all the “wrong” things) sort of place right now, and I’m unsure about my next reading adventure. You ever been there?