Trends & Ends

Hey readers! If you haven’t guessed by my minimal Twitter and website activity over the past two weeks, I’ve been quite busy away from the internet. Halloween, some personal days (including my birthday), and a bunch of writing and planning have eaten away at my time like some sort of nutrient-starved parasite. I’ve also been nursing the edge of a cold I get annually, mostly due to the quick trend towards winter-like temperatures making the air dryer than the Antarctic tundra. Really, it’s been a hell of a ride over my absence; right from the good to the bad.

So, while I’m not in the most productive or exuberant mood at the moment, and I haven’t been as of late, I’m now here to tell you for sure that we’re getting towards one of those times for me. As the nights get longer, my mood somehow always swings to the creative and active. Others may feel more alive in the summer months, but I tend to be the best version of me during the winter ones. Hell, I even lose weight while others are going into fat-packing hibernation mode. It’s an odd way to be, but I rather like it; the heat and the light of summer are just not for me.

So, as things now tend towards productivity and energy, and the wheels keep turning, I feel like it’s going to be a good time over the next season or so worth of time. Book one (codename: OWOW) was completed in just a few intense months earlier this year, and if things keep going I’m fairly confident I can add a second title to the “to be published” pile by the start of spring.

That said, I’m really hoping that spring will actually consist of re-starting the pile as I’m pushing towards having the first picked up by then, but I know that’s not so much up to me as it is up to someone else enjoying what I’ve laid down. If there’s one thing I’ve seen in regards to finding a publisher, it’s that it’s more down to finding someone who likes your writing than anything else; many famous titles were rejected multiple (read; dozens, or even hundreds of) times before getting published, and I’m sure mine will be the same unless I get lucky with a like-minded editor. I believe what I can offer the reader is good – better than good, actually. That doesn’t make it an instant publish though, because not everyone likes the same things… even in the same genre or realm.

So, as I keep at it, I’m now beginning to shift into high-gear season. Who knows what’ll actually come of it, but I’m hoping.

Always hoping.