A Little Bit of the Usual…

…can be quite a good tonic for the soul.

Sitting at my computer yesterday, I was treated to just that. A good friend I acquired back in my Vita Lounge game coverage days showed up for a little chat and some gaming; namely a bit of Pokemon: Let’s Go. Though I didn’t have the cash for it, he bought it for me (what a friend!) and we dove into a few hours of laughs and trading tips. It was a big dose of nostalgia for me in the most welcome ways, and seems to be just what I needed after all this time cooped up at the keyboard.

Though I’ve been absent from the video game coverage business for nearly a year now, and haven’t played my Switch much as of late (aside from a bout of Fortnite mid-year), I’m proud to say that I slipped back into the old gaming routine like it was second nature. Partly because it used to be, and most definitely a big part because of Tyler. Chatting with him about dumb shit while I tried to catch up to him in both Pokemon count and game progress was a good way to vent and let go of some of the stress I’ve been carrying regarding my writing. It really took me back to the good ol’ days when we were just two dudes working on kicking the ass of games and having a good time doing it. Familiar, but in the best way.

And so now, sitting here a few hours later and about to boot up Pokemon for more catch up (or maybe to get a little ahead), I can’t help but feel thankful for everything about last night. Even a little bit of friendship and familiarity can go a long way when you’ve got your head in something, and since I was just offered a huge dose I think I can say this with first hand knowledge; do something familiar and fun with a friend, ’cause it might be just what you (maybe both of you) need.

It was for me. 🙂