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    The Old West Feels New Again, At Least For Me

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

    It’s been a good Christmas on my end, with a few great games and some much needed bits and bobs coming my way this year. I’ve got new Joy-Con, eShop credit, Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4), and Spider-Man (PS4) to keep me busy for a week or two, and a brand new bookcase to house my physical media and free up my old bookcases for more books (the new bookcase is black, my old ones are more traditional in wood).

    But not all those are equal in current appreciation.

    Since Christmas day, I’ve been playing a ton of Red Dead Redemption 2. I’ve worked my way into the story, outfitted my cowboy like a bad-ass, taken on a ton of thugs and gang members, and I’ve even done some good deeds. Unfortunately however, I’ve also taken to smoking mother fuckers who try and stop me on the road. I don’t think  many would approve, but it’s what has to be done when it comes to the old West.

    Over my untold hours of gameplay so far, the one thing I’ve learned is to trust no one. If someone calls for help, more often than not they’re looking to cap your ass and toss you in a bush while they loot your body and take your horse. I’d rather not be the pushover they need, and it’s earned me quite a bit of wanted status so far. I’ve had to pay about $1000 in bounties, which – in the context of the 1800s – is a lot of fucking money. I could’ve fixed up the camp or bought some new weapons with that money. Then again, some or all of the people I’ve added lead to could’ve smoked my ass like a cheap cigar and sent me to the “dead” screen. Fuck that.

    In the end, I think I prefer to keep with my tried-and-true method of dealing with the enemy. Funnily enough, I think it might even be the way that one of my favourite characters from my yet-to-be-published book would deal with it (especially at the start of the book – before he undergoes changes through the events he experiences). Mercenaries take no quarter, and I don’t plan to either… at least in-game.

    But anyways, I think it’s time to get back at it. The wild west calls, and though I’m generally more of a present or future timeline dreamer, I’m quite liking the world they’re offering me. It’s fun to get a little dirty sometimes, and right now I’m having a lot of fun. 😉

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    Cringeworthy Tropes & Cock-Blocking Idea Killers

    I have a confession to make…

    While I’ve been a little neglectful of the sidebar in this respect (sorting it after this post!), I’ve recently been reading another set of Peter F. Hamilton books. In fact, I’m currently working through the contained series The Night’s Dawn, which strays outside the Commonwealth universe I’ve been reading about so far, and instead deals with a universe known commonly as the Confederation. Once again I was apprehensive going into something different as I didn’t know whether my interest would hold up, but once again Mr. Hamilton took to proving me wrong. Almost.

    About halfway through the trilogy as a whole, I’ve come to a point where a certain trope has popped up, and it has honestly made me cringe and put the book down. Never before have I felt such revulsion at a choice in Hamilton’s work, and it has soured me a bit on this series as a whole. Of course, once I get over the disgust I’ll probably push through and finish it, and I can definitely say that my opinion could change afterwards (I don’t generally hold grudges), but the sheer inverse Deus ex Machina of the whole thing has given me a hell of a sour taste in the moment. It also makes me hope that I’ve not pulled that in any of my writing, as I’d feel fucking horrible for doing so. It’s something I can’t stop thinking about, which makes me think I’ll do well to avoid it in the future, but even so…

    But I digress.

    In other news, I’ve just recently had to go back through a story I’m writing and edit out something I’d tossed in due to a rather annoying idea-based cock-block by NASA. Since I’ve got to change it in ways that makes my explanation irrelevant, I might as well tell you that I was going to include a little something about Kepler in one of my stories, but their thorough decommissioning of the poor ol’ telescope has left me without a modicum of a chance for my desired plot point. Now, instead of slipping in something cool from real life, I’ve had to turn to a twisted version of something from the future to fill the gap. What a pain!

    Back to the grind though, as there’s still lots of good bits in my head that would do well on a page. Maybe I’ll even be able to kick out a short story or two if I’ve got time, but I’m hoping to get some articles and blog posts out between now and the new year so keep an eye out either way. 😉