Counting the Minutes

I am a huge James S. A. Corey fan. I’ve read every single Expanse book (including novellas/short stories) multiple times, and I’ve watched (and re-watched) the television version of The Expanse in its entirety so far. It’s safe to say I’m hooked.

So the fact that the next book in the series – Tiamat’s Wrath – is coming out in less than 48 hours has certainly not escaped me. I’m more hyped than I think I’ve ever been for a book before, and to remedy that as soon as possible I’ve got the ebook version pre-ordered through Kobo/Rakuten. I’m so ready to dive in the moment it drops (yes, that means midnight if possible) that I’ll probably read the entire thing in one sitting – just as I have with the previous books. I won’t be able to help myself in starting it, and once I do I doubt I’ll be able to put it down.

But right now, in this moment, you could say that I’m sitting in anticipatory hell. I can see reviews coming out, I’ve been seeing people getting their ARCs for a good while already, and I’m honestly just trying to avoid mention of the book at all – or I have been for the past few days. I suppose that blogging about it isn’t exactly avoiding it at this point.

So here I sit. Waiting. Anticipating. Counting the minutes.

(I hope it’s as good as I expect.)