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    The End’s Not Near, It’s Here – But Fuck That, Something Else Is Just Beginning

    I always dread endings, which is funny because I’ve been told that as a child I liked to skip to them. Books, movies, television shows; I would just skip to the conclusion and find that out before watching. Maybe even then I was wary of them, but just too stubborn to let them hang there at the end for me to dread the approach of down the line. You might even say I hate endings, which has made this month a rather fun one. Everything’s ending, and I’m sitting here digesting that.


    So as I move past the end of Game of Thrones, the last episode of Batman origin story Gotham, the conclusion of awkward nerd comedy The Big Bang Theory, and the cinematic and true-to-form Western that was the Deadwood movie – not to mention books like Proxima/Ultima by Stephen Baxter, the Revolution Space series by Alastair Reynolds, and even John Perry and Jane Sagan’s story line through the first three books of the Old Man’s War series, I can’t help but feel like I’m being bombarded by things that are coming to an end far before I was ready for them to. And I can see down the road as well, to the in-hand copy of Triumphant (the final Genesis Fleet title from Jack Campbell), to the final seasons of Killjoys, Mr. Robot, Elementary, and more. I don’t like how everything I seem to enjoy is ending.

    But I have hope.

    Everything can’t always be the way we want it, or the way we need it to be. Things end, and that sucks – but the next big thing might be just around the corner. I can’t wait to see what the next Game of Thrones level experience will be on television, and what the next book/series is that sets its hooks as deep as Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham’s The Expanse series or Peter F. Hamilton’s Commonwealth Universe series did.

    Who knows, if it’s in the book category maybe it’ll be written by me.

    A man can dream, can’t he? 😉