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    Winter Is Coming (And That’s Awesome)

    November is here. It sits insistent on my doorstep, ready to wake me from my warm weather slumber. It brings with it the chilly winds that beckon a December winter. The howling through the trees has already begun.

    While many feel like winter is their chance to hibernate — their excuse to wake up late, go to bed early, and cuddle up with a blanket and veg out somewhere in between — I find winter to be a time of productivity. There’s something about a long night that calls to me, and the cold doesn’t add to my lethargy like the heat does. I’m just lucky life runs a temperature far enough above absolute zero for that to be the absolute truth.

    So, as I sit down in my writing chair with my coffee, makeshift lap-desk perched across the arms, and Death Cab for Cutie playing in the background, I can’t help but wonder where Liv (my current protagonist) will take me next. I’ve finished what feels like the first act of her story, and it seems like there is much to do before we can get to the third. I’ve really only just scratched the surface with the initial twist, and now I’ve got to chisel into something a little deeper.

    Exciting times lie ahead, dear reader — and I’m glad you’re there to share in my process.

    (PS: Expect blog updates to get more frequent!)