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    Click / Happy Holidays

    Sometimes you read something that just clicks. Something that injects value into something you hadn’t even considered, or flips your mind into ‘what the fuck?’ mode. Just recently I had such an experience with an article on how heat can be radiated efficiently in a vacuum, and it changed how I thought about something I’d written.

    Way back before I started working on my Liv project, I started a story that I was pulling out of thin air. I had an inciting incident — or rather, I had an inciting incident that incites the true inciting incident — but I didn’t have much direction. Even so, I dropped some tens of thousands of words into it before I hit a wall and maneuvered into my Liv thing, and I always meant to come back to it. Now I’ve got a good reason, but I’m resisting simply because I don’t want to snuff out the fire that still burns brightly beneath Liv. Both projects have got their hooks in me, but I really need to finish the one I’m working on for my own sanity first.

    On a completely different note, Happy Holidays! I’ve been having a great Christmas, and hope you’re having a great time too — whatever you celebrate, and wherever you are. I’ve been spending my time split between gaming (Jedi Fallen Order, Pokemon Shield, and Fortnite so far), reading (The Girl Who Could Move Shit With Her Mind and The Last Wish so far), writing (the Liv thing), and catching up on TV (so much). It’s not too different than what I’m usually up to, but maybe a bit more varied as I’m trying to relax a bit before the new year. Plus, I want to clear out some of my backlog before I’m busy again.

    I know I keep saying this, but I’m going to try and post more as well. I’m even making it my New Year’s resolution, and hopefully that doesn’t mean it’ll follow in the footsteps of all those promises to visit the gym… 😉