About the Author

Kyle Wakeling was born in Southern Ontario, Canada in the late eighties. Largely autodidactic and often bored in school, he turned to computers as his learning tool and the world opened up from there.

In his teens he wrote for, moderated, and administrated various websites, blogs, and forums Рlooking to interact with others who liked what he liked. This evolved into a passion in his early twenties when he joined PlayStation Vita coverage venture The Vita Lounge, going on to write over a third of the content currently available on the site and editing well over a dozen editions of their magazine. That passion continued through Switch Player and a short-lived solo venture as Switchtactics, but ultimately he felt that news reporting and reviewing was getting a bit stale for his taste. He needed something more exciting, even if simply more exciting to his mind.

In January of 2018, he began to poke at an idea that had etched itself in the back of his had. Though this idea was initially quite flawed, the outline of it held true; and just under five months later he had written, beta tested, edited, and finished a science fiction book to his satisfaction.

This is where you come in. 

As I sit and wait to hear back from publishers, I thought it was time to start engaging you book lovers on a whole new level; and thus kylewakeling.com was born. It’s here to connect me to you (even if you don’t have Twitter – my social platform of choice), and to allow me to share my works and updates in one special place.

Will you join me on this journey?