Notable Work


The Vita Lounge

Located at, the PlayStation Vita coverage site The Vita Lounge was the number one independent PlayStation Vita focused website on the internet for many years – amassing a grand total of 7483 posts in its time (of which I was a whopping 2915, or 38.9%). Among the posts attributed to me were 45 reviews, many of which also made it into The Vita Lounge‘s digital and physical magazine; Vitamag.

Starting as a news writer, I worked my way up to Editor in Chief and found myself responsible for editing a large swath of the site and magazine content.

It’s also notable that this was my first physically published work, and I’ll forever be proud of what we accomplished there.


Switch Player

Located at (and still going), the Nintendo Switch coverage site Switch Player was an evolution of The Vita Lounge. It featured many of the same main staff, and did many of the same things; including news, reviews, and a magazine.

My role as Editor in Chief was carried over here based on my work at The Vita Lounge, which was shuttered not long after this project started.



Previously located at┬ábut since retired, the solo Nintendo Switch coverage website was owned and operated solely by me as an attempt to recapture the coverage spark I was beginning to lose at Switch Player. Switchtactics lasted nearly six hundred posts and four months, but by the end I was burnt out on video game coverage and didn’t want to write anything.

While I’m proud of what I did get done there, its main role in my life has been showing me that I didn’t want to write like that – at least not as my main focus. Nearly four months to the day after the site was opened, I stopped writing.

That didn’t last long, as my first book truly began about a week later…